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Get inFORMed on Dubsado’s new Form Builder!

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Dubsado here at Wedding Tech BFF. We use the platform ourselves, and we have helped a ton of wedding professionals maximize the potential of their Dubsado accounts.

There’s no such thing as a perfect platform, though. As much as we love and recommend Dubsado, we still look forward to the improvements the team makes. You may have heard that they just pushed out a HUGE new one this week—the updated form builder!

Forms are one of the most powerful tools that Dubsado has to offer. All the information you may need for your projects is gathered through forms, along with a ton of their powerful automations. The already top-notch experience has gotten a major upgrade, and we’re going to show off all the new features for you!

We’re going to highlight as much as we can and show you how we turned a plain old questionnaire into a beautiful form that clients will actually have fun filling out! Be warned—this may be our punniest blog post yet. Sorry in advance.

LOADed with awesome upgrades!

First things first: things look a little different from the last time you may have jumped into the Dubsado form builder. Let’s highlight a few key differences.

When building our Panda Bear Rental Questionnaire for our fictional client Madelyn’s Panda Rentals, Inc., we originally had to navigate through different pages for all of our viewing options. To access the settings or preview the form, we had to load entirely new pages. And then reload again to get back to editing!

It at least five seconds to get from form editing, to settings, and then to the form preview. Imagine all the time you'll save now!

With the upgraded form builder, we are able to access EVERYTHING without a new page ever loading. Settings and preview switch seamlessly, which lets us perfect our form with significantly less time looking at a loading bar. But what about the actual form building part?

Be first INLINE for beautiful forms!

One of our favorite new features is inline editing.

No, not that kind of inline.

We mean that when you want to edit a text box, you can just click into it. No more side window popping up, which means that you get your changes done faster. And you can continue to scroll through the page, select other objects, and access the settings seamlessly while editing.

It’s such a simple change, but the ease of it is going to be so noticeable when you’re editing your forms.

We can’t CONTAIN our excitement!

Another huge level up is the changes made to columns. Or, as they’re now known, containers. They function the same way, but have a few new fancy tools.

These containers are even more useful than actual Tupperware containers. Shocking, I know.

First is the size. You can change it! Make banners out of photos or solid colors that go across the entire screen. Much better than plain black text on a white background. Use padding to place your text and questions in the perfect spots and make a branded, professional form with just a few clicks!

One smaller bonus is the plus signs you’ll see inside containers. Use those to add elements directly inside instead of needing to drag them inside. And hey, speaking of dragging…

Old forms were such a DRAG!

Did you ever have moments where you were trying to place a question in a column (remember, it’s a container now!), and just could not get it into the right place? We’ve built enough forms to say that it was possibly the most annoying part. But not anymore!

How it used to feel dragging form elements around.

Dubsado has blessed us with a much easier dragging experience. Whether you’re placing an element in a column or switching the order of questions, it feels so much better now. Less frustration = happy business owner!

Have you FORMed an opinion?

So what do you think? Excited to jump into Dubsado’s new form builder? Nervous about a different interface? Either way, there are a lot of new toys for you to play with. Don’t be afraid to make a dummy form and just tinker around like we did here!

Need a little extra help? We are Certified Dubsado Experts and have already helped some of our clients utilize the new form builder. Get in touch with us right here on our website to get started!

And if you really want to supercharge your forms, we’re also Dub+ Certified. While the new form builder is so much better than it used to be and makes everything we mentioned above super easy, custom code from Dub-ins gives you the ability to add conditional logic (ie. “only show this if the client picks that”), star rating reviews, interactive testimonial sliders, custom branded fonts and buttons, mobile-friendly design, looping video backgrounds, and so much more!

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