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4 ways to level up your Dubsado forms

Do you ever look at your Dubsado forms and have to stifle a yawn? If you didn’t realize it on your own, that is not a good sign. Your wedding business is your passion – if you get bored by it, your clients will definitely get bored by it, too.

If you’ve ever worked with us and filled out a form, we hope you’d say that the experience was anything but boring. That’s because we turn our Dubsado forms into branded, personalized experiences for each and every client. All with the help of a little tool we’re going to be highlighting today: Dub-Ins.

Did you know that Dubsado lets you create custom code blocks that alter the appearance of your forms? All it takes is an extensive knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript coding and graphic design experience. Easy, right?

Oh…not so much?

Well I’ve got good news, because Dub-Ins lets you drag and drop form improvements without typing any computer-y gibberish. With just a little bit of time and effort, your forms can go from “boring” to “worth exploring.”

So let’s get busy! We’re going to look at four ways that Dub-Ins can turn proposals, contracts, and questionnaires into experiences. We’ll start with something simple: colors and fonts.

Colors and fonts

Step 1 in the process of making a beautiful, customized Dubsado form!

Say hello to the form we’re going to be working with throughout this post. Not much to speak of right now, huh? Let’s see if we can change that.

A plain Dubsado form is about as neutral as it gets. Which is good when tons of different entrepreneurs need to use it. But it’s less useful when you’ve solidified your brand and want to promote it throughout the lead and client process.

Luckily, Dub-Ins has a simple settings interface where you can choose up to six different fonts and three brand colors in every single form you use. Once selected, you simply add in the right plug-in, and suddenly your Dubsado forms can match your website, marketing materials, and anything else you already show your brand on.

Add in some dividers (which can be a solid color or an image) and suddenly we’ve got the prettiest form in town!

Step 2 in the process of making a beautiful, customized Dubsado form!

Bringing that recognizable look into your forms is a great start for the personalization process. Now let’s see how we can make the actual content enjoyable too!

Make information FUN

Okay, so now we’ve got the basics down. People won’t be bored to tears the moment they look at our form. But uh-oh, the first thing they’re met with is a huge wall of text! The less text that people are confronted with immediately, the better.

That’s why we can use Dub-Ins tools to make information both less dull and better organized. One of my favorites is the accordion plug-in, which lets you create FAQs or other individualized pieces of information.

Step 3 in the process of making a beautiful, customized Dubsado form!

Using package cards or pricing tables allows you to buffer your package text with banners, images, or just some nice colors. You want to make sure your leads read all the great things they’ll be getting when they pick their packages, so making them actually want to read will make everyone happy.

Speaking of leads, one thing you don’t want is to feel impersonal. That’s why this next section is going to show how we turn a standardized form into a personalized experience!

Create a story

What would you prefer when you receive a form from a vendor: a header that reads, “Dear Sir or Madam” or “To whom it may concern,” or something that is addressed directly to you? If you’ve filled out a form with us, you know what our belief is.

People respond better to being directly addressed, and in a medium as impersonal as a questionnaire, seeing their name might just be the thing that makes them choose you. Using a Dubsado smart field to print their name in big bold text in a fancy Dub-Ins header is sure to start the interaction off well!

Step 4 in the process of making a beautiful, customized Dubsado form!

On top of this, Dub-Ins offers many plug-ins that help you create a journey for your leads. After all, getting a wedding client to sign a contract is just the beginning. You can use these tools to remind them of all the awesome services you’re going to perform. These tools include:

  • Photos of you, your logo, or work from your gallery to establish connection

  • Direct messages to add a conversational feel and build trust

  • Next-steppers that help leads and clients feel assured that there is a method to the whole process

  • Timelines that give peace of mind of when events will take place and when projects will complete

  • Reviews to display why you are the perfect choice for that lead

Step 5 in the process of making a beautiful, customized Dubsado form!

Just one of these plug-ins would level up any Dubsado form. Using multiple will turn your plain proposal into an adventure!

Conditional logic

Here’s a bonus tool you can use to impress people who fill out your forms: get rid of every “leave this blank” or “n/a” moment. Nothing interrupts the flow of a client’s journey like being told to ignore part of it. That’s why we use conditional logic in our forms to only show our clients what they need to see.

Here’s a metaphor to explain it: a standard form is like a hallway full of doors. As you walk down the hallway, every door is open. But you don’t need to go into each one, even though you can’t help but look. Adding conditional logic to that hallway would instead make it so that only the doors that you need to go into are open! In a form, this means that only the questions and information that is relevant to you appear.

Click through these images to see how the different text boxes only show up when the proper option is selected:

A common practical example of this that we see is wedding pros who want to keep their forms relevant to couples of different sexualities and genders. If you’re a makeup artist who sometimes works with (or wants to work with) multiple brides, you can include a question that asks if there is a second bride before displaying more fields to collect additional information.

If the client says that there is a second bride, a special section for the second bride appears immediately. If they do not, they never see those questions. Now every couple who fills out this questionnaire will feel like it is tailored to them, without you having to go in and personalize it every single time!

Bring it all together

With all of these tools combined, our Dubsado form is looking like a real winner now. Check out this video to see how much it’s transformed!

If you’re a Dubsado user, you’re probably wondering how soon you can get this magic into your forms. If you’re an expert coder or have the time and funds to acquire and learn a Dub-Ins subscription, then you should be all set!

For those of you who don’t fit that description, you’re in luck. Wedding Tech BFF is Dub+ Certified and we can make your forms look and function just as awesome as our own! Completely custom form design can be added on to our Dubsado Setup package for as low as $100 (that’s $30 less than Dub-ins’ uncustomized “Designer Template”) or purchased a la carte for as low as $300 (a steal if you don’t want to take the time to learn how to use Dub-ins)!

Click here to read more about how you can get our magic onto your forms!

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